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Kanye West - Fat Beats NYC (August 1996)

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Roadtripping around the UK with my two favourite beings and Magic Mike the camper. Thanks to @quirkycampers for an awesome week.
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1. Rambutan My uncle had a rambutan tree in his backyard growing up, and I always thought these fuzzy little fruits looked like some dude’s hairy balls, so I had no interest in eating them. When I finally tried them later in life, I found them to be very enjoyable. They’re similar to lychee in that you crack the nut casing open with your knuckles and eat the white flesh inside. It’s slick and mildly chewy, with a pleasant sweet flavor.

 From: 13 odd fruits from around the world
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shino takedo
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this is beautiful
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Milky Way Over Mauna Loa - If you love this beautiful picture, like it. We post stuff just like this every day on Facebook. Like us by clicking here: - You won’t regret it.
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uoa look at this art
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